Campaign for Kos island !! Support the effort (photos -videos)

kosisland-safeInternational and Greek media recently presented a publication that is shame for the island of Kos.

Kos is a tourist destination that offers many promises to every visitor. It does not deserve such defamation. The awful article, originally published by the Daily News, and later reproduced by several others, has caused quite strong reactions to social media not only for the discrediting of the island, but also because of the racist and provocative style. It states that Kos has become a "disgusting hellhole."

Kosinfo receives daily messages and questions from tourists for what is really happening, as they have planned their holidays in our island and feel insecure. It is unfortunate and unfair not to protect the image of our island .. KOS is a heaven and not a hell, as many say ..! It is a safe place to visit.. It is not the only island that receives immigrants, neither this fact makes it a hellhole ... !!! Besides, no one stays at Kos .. They get the necessary documents ... and then go ..

It is shameful and a blow for the international image of Kos and Greece to host such made up stories. Kosinfo "complains" and opposes to any vulgar and intolerant propaganda against the island !!!

Under intense reactions a group has created a Facebook page, which is directed against Daily News and, of course in favor of our island. Notably it has great support by English people and in less than 24 hours has more than 3,240 likes and many comments.

Support this effort: .. !!


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