Infographic: Kos and Chania the best cities in Greece to live

infographicKos town with 251 degrees and 203 degrees for Chania are considered the best cities to live in Greece, Athens ranks last, after Patra.

Safety, health care, purchasing power, traffic conditions, pollution, incomes and property prices among the factors estimated by the creator of Infographic, Sergiu George.

How the quality of life was calculated

Data were collected from, the largest database in the world with user-generated content for cities and countries from around the world. The data were collected by questionnaires to users on the platform rather than official government figures.

The 7 factors on which the survey is based


Elements such as what is the crime level and how much has changed in recent years. What is the perception of citizens for security day and night, and whether they believe you fall victim to attack or theft.


Participants were asked about the adequacy of the medical staff and the quality of medical equipment, the exam completion speed, accuracy and treat patients.

Consumer prices

Prices for consumer goods such as products from grocery stores, restaurants, transportation & utilities, but not rents and property prices.

Purchasing power

If the Consumer Price Index (CPI) focuses on the absolute value of consumer goods, the purchasing power shows the ability of the population to buy.

Move - Traffic

One of the most interesting indicators to the questionnaire, as it changes the ranking of countries with low income. Is a composite index of time spent on travel, and dissatisfaction for the time spent and the assessment of consumption CO2.


This indicator refers to the perception of the quality of water and air-breathing, as well as accessibility to drinking water, noise, public green areas and the level of cleanliness and garbage disposal.

Property price relative to income
Measuring the opportunity apartment purchase an affordable price depending on the average household income.

The position of Greece

Based on the above indicators, the Greece has a good quality of life and the score reaches are 133 units. By city, first comes Kos with 251 units, followed by Chania 203. Athens is the last place for quality of life with 82 points after Patras, which has 115 units.

As a conclusion we could say that the quality of life in the province raising the overall quality of life in the country after Athens has units well below the average for the country.

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