Watch what the Italian journalist said about Kos island (photo-video)

Silvia-KalamatiA few days ago the Italian journalist and writer Silvia Calamati came in contact with our newspaper, asked to meet us, in order to give us a book.
Reportaz: Calliope Danellaki
Video: Hercules Charempavas

The meeting took place, and a few days later she came to our newspaper's facilities, where an interview took place, to meet her book and learn more about the ten years of presence on our island.

Silvia Calamati is working in a large library of Italy, which dates back 300 years and is located near Venice. She is an independent journalist and loves investigation. Lately she is concerned on the subject of Northern Ireland. Last summer she came to Kos, as she used to visit every summer for the last 10 years and she was amazed, like most of us, with the immigration issue. She had to solve a two-fold dilemma, to do her duty, as a journalist and record the events and one the other hand she couldn't afford to see the island that she loved and its citizens to have difficult times. So she began to take photographs of various parts of the island, as well as from persons and she returned to Italy to prepare a photobook.

The whole situation reminded her homeland and especially Lampedusa ... so she gave her book the title: "Kos, the new Lampedusa of Greece". The Venice Greek Orthodox Community decided to support and adopt the book. So she returned back to Kos, in order to make a "campaign" and contribute to reversing climate.. It's a pity that Kos citizens, who helped and offered everything they could to these people to pay a high price, this summer. In each place she travels induces people, and especialy Italians, to visit Kos because it is a beautiful island, with clear waters, magical landscapes, rich history and archaeological sites.

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