Pork Fricasse

Pork FricasseIngredients:
1 kilo of pork
2 onions chopped in slices
300 gr of fresh onions finely chopped
2 lettuces
1 bunch of dill
150 gr of olive oil
2 eggs
1 lemon
Salt, pepper
Wash the lettuces well and cut into large strips. Cut the meat and sauté in large pot with some oil, add the onions and when translucent add 1 glass of hot water and boil at a medium temperature for ½ an hour, then add the lettuces and dill and boil for another ½ hour. Prepare the egg and lemon sauce (avgolemono) by beating 2 eggs and slowly adding the lemon juice and also some gravy from the meat pot and finally add to the main dish.
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