Twelve Labours of Hercules

thumb kos-hercules-laboursWhen Hercules was married, Hera drove him into a fit of madness and Hercules killed his wife Megara and his children. When Hercules regained his sanity and realized what he had
done, he went to the Oracle of Delphi to find out what he had to do for atonement.The oracle told him that the only way to atone himself was by going to serve his cousin Eurystheus, the king of Tyrins. Hera who still hated her husbands illegitimate child, plotted the destruction of Hercules with Eurystheus. When Hercules arrived at Tyrins, his cousin decreed that Hercules would have to perform 12 perilous labours. These labours included such feats as the slaying of the Lion of Nemea, the killing of the Lernaia Hydra, an awesome water snake with nine heads, the destruction of the man-eating birds of Stymphalus, the Harpes and bringing Eurystheus three golden apples from the garden of Esperides, which was guarded by the immortal dragon with the hundred heads.
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