Ancient Alasarna Archeological Zone of St. Theotitas (Divinity) The ancient municipality of Alasarniton spread to the western part of todays Kardamena, where excavations along the beach brought to light a sanctuary dedicated to the gos Apollo.
In the sanctuary were many worship statues such as Zeus, Athena, Artemidos, Litous, Estias, Dioskouron, Ekatis, Afrodite and Hermes. At a close distance at the foot of the hill above the sanctuary there was an ancient theatre which belonged to the municipality of Alasarniton. The area continued to be used from the first Christian years up until the middle of the 7th century AD when continuous Arabic attacks pushed the residents to move to a safer place. Basilica of St. Theotitas (Divinity) It is situated in the archaeological zone of St Theotitas and has been built using marble and signs from the buildings of the ancient municipality of Alasarniton. Today the Basilica is deserted and in ruins. It is thought to be one of the first Christian buildings to be established on the island and dates to the 5th century AD Basilica Dorothea, Eftihiou & Presbiteriou Fotinou (6th – 7th Century) The Basilica is situated in the centre of the village and belongs to the three sided type of Basilica with a semi-circular arch in the east, an antenave and atrium in the west and the smaller outer buildings were on the northern side. In the interior many adult tombs were found while three children’s tombs were discovered in the southeast. The Baptistry, which is in the northern area had two fonts, one for children and one for adults. Finally, according to the signs found , the Archbishop dedicated and donated the beautiful mosaic floors of the sanctuary.
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