Municipalities Archaeological Names

Municipality of Alention
The municipality of Alention had as its centre the Aleis and was located in the area of todays Pyli. In the large village Peli was where the seventh idyllic scene of Theokritos was played out.
It’s also where the celebrations in honour of Dimitra were held. This was called Thallisia. The well known monuments from this ancient municipality was the temple in honour of Eleufisinion divinity, Dimitras and Persifonis, which was found in Amaniou, in Kiparissi, and the war memorial tomb of Harmilou in the centre of Pyli. It’s an impressive Greek was memorial tomb of the hero Harmilou and his family. A part of the tomb, the ground floor family chamber has been preserved as has a part of the chapel above it. Finally, in the area of Pyli, an ancient Greek necropolis was found.
Municipality of Fixioton or Pixeoton
The municipality of Fixioton or Pixeoton was located in todays area of Asfendiou. It’s centre was in Fixa which may be connected to remains of a fortified settlement which was found between Koniariou and Amaniou. According to a myth that’s where Hercules ran to, when he was being chased as a robber by the King of Kos Euripilo and by the Meropides. It’s possible the name Fixa reflects the flight of Hercules. In Fixa there are worship grounds of Apollo Fixiou and Apollo Oromedontion.
Municipality of the Knights
The municipality of the Knights is located in the area of Mastihari and was the smallest of all municipalities. There was a sanctuary in the area dedicated to Ira and another dedicated to Dimitra. Along todays main road towards the villages is the Greek necropolis which belonged to the municipality.
Municipality of Antimahidon
The municipality of Antimahidon was in the area of Pyli today. In the same area was the municipality of the Eyilion, which in the Roman times joined forces with the Municipality of Antimahidon and became known as the municipality Andimahidon, Ahiadon and Eyilion. The actual centre of the municipality is not known, however an ancient necropolis was found while building the airport of Kos. The necropolis was used from the 5th century BC till the Roman era. The municipality of Andimahidon was the centre of the ancient worship ground of Hercules. According to religion during a conflict with Antagora,  Hercules found shelter in Andimahia, close to a woman from Thraki who dressed him in women’s clothing. The priest in honour of Hercules wearing women’s clothing, dressed himself as well in women’s clothing while sacrificing.
Municipality of Alisarniton
The municipality of Alisarniton was in the area of Kardamena and had Alasarna as its centre. This is where the worship centre of Aollo Pitheou and Hercules was placed in whose honour the Doric gave an annual ceremony. Apollo’s santctuary was traced to the west side of Kardamena, at the base of low hills at a short distance from the coast. The sanctuary also held other worship ceremonies for Zeus, Athena, Artemidos, Lilous, Estia, the Dioskouron, the Ekatis, Afrodite and Hermes.
Municipality of Isthmioton
The municipality of Isthmioton was in the region of Kefalos, where explorers have placed the ancient capital of the island, Kos Astipalia. From the Greek municipality they have found an Acropolis with a theatre and two temples. The sanctuary was dedicated to Asclipiou, Health and Unity and was built at the beginning of the 2nd century after the unity of the cities between Kos and Kalymnos. In the area of Kefalos there is a worship area for the Gos Asclipiou, in a sanctuary within the municipality of Isthmioton. There is the opinion that the beginning of the worship of Asclipio was connected initially with the most ancient capital of the island – Astipalia.
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